The reality is that the early church knew less about the Holy Spirit than most of us in the church today, at least in the intellectual sense. But they came to know the Spirit intimately and powerfully as He worked in and through their lives. All throughout the New Testament, we read of the apostles whose lives were led by the Spirit and lived out by His power. ~ Francis Chan

…for Paul, a Christian is only a Christian because of what God has done. The Christian is in Christ only because of the historical events of the cross and resurrection for which he praises God. ~ Ernest Best

That is why Red-letter Christians are so important. We are evangelicals who want to change the world, but not through political coercion. Our methodology is loving persuasion. We want Christians to be political but nonpartisan. We don’t want power; we just want to speak truth to power.

“No statement, theological or otherwise, should be made that would not be credible in the presence of burning children” ~ Rabbi Irving Greenberg in a 1974 publication “Cloud Of Smoke”